Testimonials from Experienced Fisherman who share their success using Slab Buster Crappie Jigs

Plastics in Texas for winter crappie fishing are snickered at normally. Many Texas crappie fishermen think a feather or marabou jig is the only thing that will catch the crappie in the cold waters. I opened up the first package of Slab Busters and thought, that is not going to work. To my complete shock, at a commercial crappie barge being fished by 10 other people, I decided to try a white/chartreuse sparkle on a blaze orange head. Noone in the crappie barge was doing any good at the time. I fished the jig and wham on the first pass where multiple people had been fishing a keeper jumped on the jig. I ended up with 18 keepers and numerous small crappie. The people could not believe the slab buster jig made that much difference. The garlic smelling jig along with that quivering tail seemed to be the ticket. What a great product, Mr. Jack - I congratulate you on the jig design and the scent. The myth that plastics don't work well in the frigid water is over in this part of Texas. The jigs have produced well in multiple locations that I have fished over the last two months, my favorite colors are the electric chicken, pumpkin seed/chartreuse and white/chartreuse. Durability of jig is not a problem as it is with some plastics, I mean let's face it - we have to catch the fish fish to worry about durability and I personally have caught 20 plus crappie on the same jig body. Good Fishing, Ron from Abilene, Texas 

Jack is a very good and old time friend of mine. While I was fishing below Truman Dam, Warsaw, Missouri, I ran into Jack and hashed over old times. He told me about his crappie jigs and gave me a few to try. The crappies were slow that day, or at least I thought so. Immediately, I got hit after hit. I still need to work on presentation, but these lures are outstanding. Thanks Jack and I certainly will fill my box with your lures.  Tim M., Sedalia, MO

I had been reading on the Crappie. com forums about everyone using these, so I decided to visit a grand opening of a local bait & tackle store. Jack happened to be there and I got to visit with him for a bit. Jack suggested several colors that he had and I bought em all plus some. They have been by far the best jig I have ever used. The scent is remarkable and the action on the tail is very lifelike. Jack you have a great product and I hope you keep up the good work makin em! Andrew F. from Eldon, Mo. (Whistler on Crappie.com)

My brother and his wife and my wife and myself went to ReelFoot Lake the first of April this year. Of course I went loaded up with my Slab Busters not knowing if anyone down there carried them. We fished for 3 days using Jacks new rootbeer color and man we had a blast!! Overall we boated over 200 quality crappie in those 3 days. Everyone at the cleaning house every evening was saying " Man maybe we should go fish with you guys, things have been tough for us." Told them what we were using and even handed a few out. The next day we ran into those same guys and they said " Couldn't catch them on minnows, so we tried those slab busters you gave us and opened their cooler with some nice big old slabs stacked in there. Jack you have a great product and keep up the good work. - Craig M. (cmcduck on crappie.com)

I had heard of Slab Buster Jigs but never used them till we were at Roys Store in MS. over St. Pattys Day 2007.  I picked up a package of black/chart and also did a friend that was there. The Slab Busters ended up catching the biggest fish of the trip (2#) and then they out fished minnows 2 weeks later @ Mark Twain Lake in Mo. We're all sold on Slab Busters now.  Matt B. Troy, MO.

I met Jack through a friend, since then I have come to think of Jack as a good friend. I have been using his Slab Buster crappie jigs ever since with great success. I fish the root beer/chartreuse color almost exclusively, not saying that the rest of the colors aren't great colors. I have caught by far the biggest fish I have ever caught on Slab Buster jig's. Thanks Jack!! Tim P. Dixon, Mo. 

I purchased Slab Buster Jigs from Jack in October,2006. Have been fishing with them ever since. Solid body and a super sensitive tail, Slab Buster Jigs are now my jig of choice. I have purchased many more jigs since October. Service is fast also. Frank S., Missouri 

I would like to thank bugman for getting me started on slab buster jigs. They are the best I have ever used. And, I would like to thank slab buster Jack for making a fine product. I don't have to worry about a tough day fishing. Slab Buster is now my primary jig. It works. Thanks Jack.
Michael J. aka Beagle Man, Missouri

I have fished the Slab Buster Crappie Jig for 2 months now with much success. If you like to catch crappie, you should try them. Roy, Bastrop, LA