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About Slab Buster Jack Stevens

Jack Stevens catches crappie with Slab Buster Crappie Jigs LuresSlab Buster Crappie Jigs is a family run business. Slab Buster Jack Stevens, retired from farming over 10 years now, has spent countless hours developing a lure that is just irresistible to crappie. Jack tried many varieties of scents and lure shapes until he came across this sure-fire combination that is super attractive to crappie and produces RESULTS! Jack started producing his scented plasticcrappie jigs in 2004, starting first with hand made one color jigs. They quickly became a local favorite lure at Lake of the Ozarks and the word started to spread. Now, the next generation of Slab Buster jigs is available in two colors or solid color. They are even more attractive to crappie.

Jack, his son Jackson and Grandson Parker continue to develop new color combinations to meet the needs of crappie fisherman who are always looking for an edge. Word continues to spread through marinas fishing tournaments and on fishing message boards about the success that fishermen are having with these crappie jigs. Now, Jackson and family distribute these crappie lures across the country by way of a growing network of dealers and bait/tackle shops. 

Testimonials from successful crappie fisherman

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